Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The only clinic in town which caters to all your dental, oral and facial needs. Keeping in line with all the international standards in sterilization and cross-infection control, we are proud to be the leading clinic in the area to cater to all the needs of your family in the following areas:

Dental Implants:

  • 4-5 internationally recognized implantsystems including General Implants,Korea Biohorizons USA,General Implants, Germany and Dio implants, Straumann Switzerland.

  • Single tooth replacement implants.
  • Full mouth fixed bridge supported by dental implants.
  • Full mouth removable dentures supported by implants.
  • Sinus lifts, Nerve repositioning & ridge
  • augmentation procedures.


Oral Surgical Services Including:

  • Wisdom teeth/impacted teeth removal.
  • Minor oral lesions/jaw growths treatment.
  • Treatment for mouth ulcers, pain in the jaws etc.


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Services Including treatment of:

  • aw Joint (TMJ) disorders.
  • Surgical & Prosthetic management of snoring/sleep apnea.
  • Face & jaw pains (Trigeminal neuralgia, etc).
  • Jaw fractures & other facial bone fractures due to
    traffic accidents,falls, gun shots, bomb blasts, etc.
  • Mouth cancer (2nd largest cancer in Pakistan in both men & women)
  • Soft tissue injuries of face.
  • Dental injuries in children and young adults. 


Facial Surgery/Orthognathic Surgery Including:

  •  ncreasing or decreasing the size of chin (Genioplasty & chin implants).
  • Moving the upper or lower jaw forward or backward (lefort osteotomy, Saggital split osteotomy etc).

  • Increasing the cheek-bone prominence by zygoma implants.
  • Scars treatment.