Laboratories Services

Northwest General Hospital & Research Center Laboratory is equipped with state of the art analyzers .

We have highly skilled, qualified and dedicated staff to perform a variety of Patients diagnostic services.

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre Laboratory takes the quality of its test results very seriously. The laboratory is enrolled in RIQAS and EQAS, two highly reputed international External Quality Assurance Programs. This proficiency testing is compared with thousands of laboratories across the world. Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre Laboratory has consistently being rated among the top  rated laboratories enrolled in these programs. 

An internal Quality Control being also regularly run on daily basis to ensure the accuracy of our results.  

Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre Laboratory has its prides on turn around time of 2 hours for all routine tests. Our Laboratory has the fastest reporting time in Pakistan.  All critical patients test are performed on a special priority and reported even faster to our reported patients. A special separate priority queue is set for these emergency and critically ill patients.


ISO 15189:2012 by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) (In Process)